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Wonder Why Your Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Home Or Condo Is Not Selling?

Have you been trying to sell your home and have not had any luck attracting a buyer? Have you been working with a phantom real estate agent or some slick talking poser who is not marketing your property at all?

Are you tired of seeing the same yard sign sitting in your yard? That would kind of make me nuts too!There are a number of reasons that your Fort Lauderdale Accountant Fort Lauderdale or Condo may not be selling but here are 3 main reasons we often find are common to “non-sellers”.

1. The House Is Priced Wrong: If your Fort Lauderdale Home or Condo was not priced perfectly compared to the competition, you probably won’t get an offer…for that matter you probably won’t get any showings either.

Proper pricing is extremely important. You need a competent agent who will be real with you and not just try to get your listing. You also need to be realistic yourself as the homeowner. Right now in our market pricing is the primary component of an expert sales strategy.

2. Is The Property Prepared For Sale: When you go shopping what kind of stores or malls do you like to go to? When you go to a restaurant what kind of appearance are you looking for? Selling a house is not much different. In this current market your property must at a minimum compete with other like homes and if possible stand apart from other like homes.

There is so much inventory on the market right now that buyers can afford to be choosy. Make sure you do your part in the sales process and have the home prepared to sell. I can help show you how to make your Fort Lauderdale Home or Condo have that curb appeal to entice buyers and if necessary we can bring in a staging company to give your home that “just right look and feel”.

3. All Marketing Is Not Created Equal: Most agents will promise you the world, but deliver far less, if anything. We put our marketing plan in writing and GUARANTEE our performance. A yard sign, an MLS listing, and some brochures just won’t cut it in today’s market. My team’s background specializes in marketing.

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